Our stylists are committed, sustainable certified, current and gifted. Most of all, we love our clients.

At evoke, we take pride in knowing you will never feel like one of our stylists has rushed you out, or brushed you off to get to the next person. We book majority of our haircuts in 1 hour spots to ensure you get the care and focus you deserve. In short, we value you.
Our team believes in charging based on time and complexity of the haircut, not gender. 

Jon D.

Haircut $126/h
Blowout $76/h

Susy O.

Haircut $100/h
Blowout $61/h

Helen P.

Haircut $100/h
Blowout $61/h

Wendy A.

Haircut $71/h
Blowout $51/h


Dylan B.

Haircut $61/h
Blowout $41/h


Barber cut 30-45mins

Short – Medium hair 45-60mins

Medium – Long hair 60mins+

New Client 60mins

Hairstyle Change 75mins

Our pricing is based on the time needed to perform your service, pricing may vary based on the length and density of your hair.
It does not matter whether we have been cutting your hair for 10 years, or if this is your first visit, all of our haircuts include the following:

* A detailed consultation which encompasses goals, face shape, and personalized style preferences

* A scalp massage

* A precision, shape based haircut that is sure to get better with age

* A finishing style suited to you

During the styling portion of your haircut service, our team of cutters will educate you on how to maintain your new look.

We will educate you on the types of green products your hair needs to feel and look its best, and have the least impact on our beautiful planet.

Read About our Salon Policy Here
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